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Student Organizations

EcoPIA (Ecological People In Action)

EcoPIA is a student service group, and is a part of (and funded by) the UWSA - University of Winnipeg Student's Association. The EcoPIA offices supply students with a library of movies, books, journals, course textbooks, and magazines on environmental issues and topics, as well as a fully functioning vermicompost.

Office: ORM06
Tel: (204) 786-9189

GESA (Geography and Environmental Students Association)

Representing the Geography and Environmental Students of the University, GESA offers free membership to students of each of these departments to participate in fundraising, social gatherings, as well as educational endeavours related to their respective fields.

Presidents: Vicky Cloutis
Co-vice Presidents: Michael Kvern, Julia Antonshn
Secretary: Joe Korhonen
Treasurer: Bryanne Lamoreaux
Media/Valued Exec. Members: Bronwyn Butterfield, Catherine Goltz, Micah Doerksen, Miranda Hamilton, Karla Sewell, Karl Friesen-Hughes

UWSA Bike Lab

The sense of energy and community that was to grow into what would become The UWSA Bike Lab started to build and coalesce around a series of cycling workshops and UWSA student lead programming initiatives.